Monday, November 1, 2010


What happened to Halloween while I was away in South Korea?!?!?

We had about 13 trick or treaters in 3 hours. That is all! We used to have over 100. One year I stopped counting at 140. Now ... it was boring. Did the dynamic of the neighbourhood change THAT much while I was away?

The weather wasn't great but it wasn't horrible either. The rain stopped mid afternoon. Hell, when I was a kid we didn't let the weather stop us from heading out and getting all the candy we could.

Someone told me that Halloween parties are more popular now. What the ki...errr hell?!?!? If you didn't go trick or treating you didn't celebrate Halloween!

I always liked seeing the different costumes. You always get some great costumes, and sometimes some yummy mommies dressed up as well. Some Halloweens I would get dressed up myself and scare the shit out of some of the trick or treaters.

My first Halloween in a loooooooooooong time and I find that the Hagwon Halloween was more fun last year. Damn!

I hope you had a better Halloween.


  1. It wasn't a great Halloween for me, either. But that was because my mom was in the hospital. I did see quite a few trick-or-treaters out on the street on the way home, though. And there were a few houses with decorations up. Halloween is alive and well in small town Alberta, apparently.

  2. I wish it was a "Big City" Nova Scotia.