Wednesday, November 17, 2010


... and I am actually talking about yesterday, not the Beatles song Yesterday. ;)

I spent the day out with my best friend. We hit the Halifax Municipal Archives in the morning. What a great spot, and one not many people even know exists. It is a treasure trove of information on the area. The staff is excellent. Very helpful and informative.

My main purpose was the afternoon excursion to the Nova Scotia Public Archives. I wanted to do some genealogical research. While I didn't find information about my grandfather I did locate some information about a great great great great great grandfather that had been confounding me for decades. (I started doing Family tree research when I was in high school.) As with the HMA, the staff here was great. They helped me find information I hadn't even thought of looking for.

Lunch was a bit of an adventure. For old times sake we went to Pizza Corner and ate at Sicilian. My friend thought there was some donair sauce on the table and kind of ignored it. A few minutes later a bird flew in and started walking around. I thought i had seen one fly out when we were walking towards the place but figured I was imagining things. The staff did nothing to get rid of the bird and continued to leave the door open. The donair sauce on the table was probably bird shit. To top it off, the pizza slices just weren't that good. The sauce had little flavour and they skimped on the pepperoni. I won't be eating at that place again.