Friday, November 26, 2010

Funny memory.

Ever have one of those days where you just keep making silly mistakes? My friend Mike had one back when we were in University.

It started when he came over to my place. He was channel surfing while I got ready. As I walked into the room a movie was just ending. In the last scene you see a male and female walking into the water from a distance.

Mike says "She has a nice ass."

I had seen the movie before and laughed at him. I said "Dude. She is 11 years old!"

Mike didn't have much to say.

About 10 minutes later the TV was on Much Music. You could see a lot of swirling blonde hair and a face.

Mike said "Damn she is cute."

Once again I had to laugh. I said "Mike, that is Sebastian Bach of Skid Row. I didn't know you swung that way.

An hour later we hooked up with a couple of friends and went to the store. We needed some rum and mix. As we got out of a car everyone noticed a convertibleabout 5-6 rows away. You could see someones denim clad ass sticking up. They stood up and you saw a lot of blond hair too.

Mike sighed and said "I'd do that!"

Then the person turned around. I almost peed myself laughing. It was a guy.

Poor Mike. They say things happens in threes and his faux pas' certainly did that day.

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