Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A moron said what?

FOX news never fails to amaze us with the sheer stupidity of their talking heads.

Lynda Carter was on Fox and Friends. (For what I am talking about here look around the 3min mark.) Of course a lot of the talk was about Wonder Woman. At one point one of the FOX idiots, err talking heads, I believe his name is Brian Kilameade but I could be wrong, stammered out something so moronic even the other "Friends" were stunned.

"Why do you think that women commit crimes but we need woman to find criminals. "

The look on Carter's face was priceless. I never thought it possible but Gretchen was more stunned than usual. She actually said "What?" loudly instead of just sitting there with a plastic smile.

Kilmeade then said "Women don't commit crimes. I just realized that. "

What the hell?!?!? As if the first statement wasn't stupid enough to follow it up with "women don't commit crimes". Tell that to the victims of Karla Holmoka you moronic piece of shit. Where in the hell does FOX get these idiots?

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