Thursday, November 11, 2010

Storming Juno

As part of Remembrance Day the History Channel is showing the movie Storming Juno. It covers the efforts of the Canadian forces at Juno beach during the Normandy assault.

I like the way it is showing things from different perspectives. They shows things from the point of view of select Armour, Infantry, and Airborne units. The mix of real footage and new is interesting.

An hour into it and it is still worth watching. My main problem is that I was expecting a movie, as in an action movie, but this is more of an action-documentary. Docu-drama? Action-ary?There is action but there is a strong element of a documentary. Still, a good watch, but not quite what I expected.

There is a very interesting website too.

Lest We Forget!

Added later: Now, an hour and twenty minutes into it, it has turned into a full documentary. This REALLY isn't what I was expecting from all the commercials leading up to it.

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