Thursday, August 4, 2022

What the ..... coverage?

 A video that showed up in my recommended feed of YouTube perked my interest. The title of it was so blatantly false that I had to watch it and see what the vloggers .... oops podcasters ... were trying to sell.

The title is "Is Justin Trudeau A Coward For Fleeing Canada During Freedom Convoy Protests." Now I know the yanks like to conflate what is going on in Canada with the "Freedom Truckers" and spin it whatever way. 

I listen to the video and it starts off with the podcaster, Patrick Bet-David reading. He stated that "the PM and his family were moved from their home to an undisclosed location somewhere in the city (Ottawa) due to security concerns ... " As far as I know Ottawa is still part of Canada, in fact it is the Capitol, unless there has been a huge change that Canadians were not told about. So, how does the VERY first statement made go along with the title that they gave the podcast/video? Well, it wasn't the podcaster that gave this clip its title. It was a YouTube channel called Valuetainment that took a clip from the podcast and shared it. 

I understand that people like to sensationalize things, especially on social media, so they get more views/hits. The first thing I wondered after reading the title was is this a deliberate falsehood or just the result of ignorance? (The true definition of ignorance, a lack of knowledge or information.) Well, in the first 15 seconds of the video Mr Bet-David makes it quite clear that they he has the proper information, the PM was moved to undisclosed location in Ottawa, and the reason that was given. Which means the title is an intentional falsehood to sensationalize the clip and it was done by the YouTube created by Patrick Bet-David. 

I was reading to give Mr. Bet-David the benefit of the doubt that someone took his clip and gave it that false title. However, I did look at the informationin the About section for Valuetainment. It is a YouTube channel set up by ...  rum roll please ... Patrick Bet-David. So, it seems that is was a deliberately dishonest title just to get hits. 

Monday, April 6, 2020

What the ... Facebook fuckery?!?!?!?

Lately my Facebook page has been spammed with ads for facemasks to protect you from Covid-19. It started off last week as a few a day. Now I can't scroll down 2-3 pages without having one of these ads jump out. To make a point lately I have been reporting every one I saw as offensive. The SAME ads still show up along with new ones. Which just goes to prove the point that Facebook (the people running it and who own it) doesn't care about us ... all they care about is money.

At a time like this, when protective gear is in short supply in so many countries, they allow tasteless ads like this. Fuck off and send the masks to where they are needed on the frontline fighting the virus and trying to keep people alive. It is bad enough that these companies are trying to make a profit off of peoples fears and lives, then you have Facebook doing the same.

Which of course begs the question; are these masks any good or just a way to rip off people? If they are actually a good product they should be going to where they are needed most. If they are a rip off, well, thanks again for allowing ripoff ads Facebook.

While typing this I went back to my Facebook page and scrolled down 2 pages. What did I see? The ad that prompted me to write this AGAIN. This AFTER reporting it to Facebook as offensive  and having them lie, again, and say I wouldn't see it again.

Sadly, I didn't expect better from Facebook. Years back they had no problem allowing a dating site to advertise using the image of an underage girl that was raped and committed suicide.

It might be time to get rid of Facebook. While it has its uses BS like this makes me wonder if it does more harm than good.

A question.

I have a question, no sarcasm and all joking aside. If a person is under the age of majority and it is ok for them to protest are they then exempt from ridicule for things they say because of they are minors? (Oh and the phrase that the person complaining she is in memes uses isn't "minor". She whines that she is "underage" and they will all get in trouble for making memes of her.)

Ok, that probably didn't make a lot of sense. Her is the scenario. There was a protest about climate change, to try and force the government to act, where I live today, a bridge was shut down at rush hour to all traffic ... vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle. (The police actually shut the bridge to everyone before the protesters could but that is ancillary to my question.)

There is a video circulating Facebook showing a cyclist trying to bike to work being confronted by protesters. Two protesters stand out because one is so fucking whiney and stupid and the other one was just as moronic. I use stupid and moronic because what they were saying to a cyclist was that dumb. They told her things like you should have saved money to take the bus ... you should have driven to work or taken the bus. The second protester actually told her she was old so the future didn't matter to her (I paraphrase that). You are protesting against climate change and want people to do things that will not affect the environment ... yet you berate a cyclist with that nonsense. Yeah, in my book stupid and moronic apply.

Of course the Internet being the Internet memes have started circulating mocking the protesters, especially the 1st one who started whining, yelling, and berating the cyclist. Now she is responding online, saying she is underage and is reporting everyone who circulates a meme about her to the police. Hence my question.

If you are old enough to go protest and put your stupidity out there for the world to see shouldn you be considered old enough to be berated for being a moron? (For some reason I feel that I need to qualify this ... wanting to improve/save the climate is not stupid in my book ... what these asshats said is.)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What the ... protectionist bullshit?!?!?!?

There is a guy at work, let's just call him scumbag, who is a fucking perverted, pedophile, scumbag. He just got in trouble for the 3rd time in as many months for being .... surprise surprise ... a perverted scumbag. Thanks to the union, as of this posting, he still has a job.

When I first started at this job, and wasn't sure f things, I witnessed this guy being a piece of shit. A family of 4 was passing through to the Caribbean. He looked the 13 year old daughter up and down with a leer on his face and said in a Quagmire voice "I hope you brought a bikini.". I thought the father was going to beat the shit out of him or at least report him,. He did neither. In retrospect, I would report him.

3 months ago scumbag got in trouble, meaning suspended without pay, for comments he made to a woman. He made some very graphic jokes to her in front of her husband. They both complained and he was suspended.

2 months ago he was extremely insulting to a pregnant woman. The jokes/comments started with references to gorging at an all you can eat place and became more graphic and perverted from there. She complained and he was suspended.

2 weeks ago, he was even worse. In front of a 17 year old and her father he said to a co-worker "You don't even need to put sugar on her pussy.". He is suspended again. Not fired. Suspended.

This piece of shit has a long history of behavior like this. There is no way he should just be suspended. He should be fired. But ... the union protects him.Damn!

I was a shop steward at my last job so I know how a Union is SUPPOSED to behave. They have to provide fair representation to all members. That doesn't mean they have to go all out to defend a piece of shit. If the person admits to doing what they are accused of and the punishment isn't excessive then the union has nothing to do. Or as I told a few people, we can't protect stupid. You did it, the punishment is fair, suck it up princess.

Too often the unions protect people like scumbag. For some strange reason a lot of companies are afraid to fight it. I defended Union member when the punishment did not fit the offense. If it did, there is nothing the Union can, or should, do. Scumbag would have been cut loose a long time ago.

This is a lot of people, unionized people, have a problem with Unions. They protect pieces of shit who should not be protected. Sorry, poor way of putting it. They over protect them. You did it? Yes. The punishment is fair? Yes. Job done.

This is the shit that gives Unions a bad name.

What the ... perception?!?!?!?

The shit wit I work with who is all hot and bothered because I say Saudi Arabia can fuck off and criticize their human rights record has no problem with the tweet that was made by a Pro-Saudi youth group.

He claims it wasn't meant as a threat. It was just a message saying mind your business. Well, you know if 911 hadn't happened, and most of the terrorists that committed the act weren't Saudi citizens he might have a point. However, we live in a different world.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

What the .... Saudi Spat?!?!?!?

Saudi Arabia has decided to start a fight with Canada over a tweet they don't like.

Saudi Arabia lost their shit over this and started acting out.

A friend of mine made a post asking why we buy oil from Saudi Arabia. I replied to it, something I don't usually do on FB. To paraphrase, I said fuck Saudi Arabia. From what I have read we only get 25% of our oil from them maybe it is time to get that oil from someone else or from within our own country. To hear a pompous ass (the Saudi official who started this) drone on about how great they are to women because they gave them the right to drive a car last year, while women can still be stoned to death for walking around with a non-related male pisses me off. Fuck them.

A misogynistic shit wit I work with was offended by my post. He basically dismissed it by suggesting I smoke weed and don't know the reality of what is going on in Saudi Arabia. He actually claimed there is no proof women get stoned there or that anyone gets crucified. (To be fair, in any instance of crucifixion I have seen they killed the person before crucifying them,  it is a means of leaving them on display.)

It irks me when people try and ignore reality. There are a lot of reports from reliable media outlets about what goes on in Saudi Arabia. The shit wit I work with has his own bias which causes him to blind himself to reality. He rambled on in another post claiming he hates what the Saudis and Trump are doing in the Middle East but can't agree with false claims of stoning and crucifixion without proof. Well, there is proof if you don't have your head rammed up your ass.

This brings me back to my original line of thought .... fuck Saudi Arabia. They are in the process of making sure they spend no money in Canada while they still want our money. Fuck them. We should be finding other places to spend our money. We need to actually start using the oil found in Canada in Canada.

The whole episode also brings up a great question. Why is Saudi Arabia on the UN Human Rights Council let alone heading the council?

Sunday, March 4, 2018

What IOSI?!?!?!?

I often get a chuckle when I see something Trump (or some other republican/ Right wainger) says and pondering "What If Obama Said It?" Just how batshit crazy would the response of the Right be?

Look at Trumps latest faux pas. He was talking about President Xi Jinping of China and him being declared President Fo Life of China.

"He's now president for life. President for life. No, he's great," Trump said. "And look, he was able to do that. I think it's great. Maybe we'll have to give that a shot some day."

Even if said in jest can you imagine how beserk teh response of the Right would have been if Obama said anything like this? He would have been crucified on Fox. There would have been calls to impeach him, if not an actual move to do itif the Right controlled the House. There would be calls to assassinate him, if not attempts.

But Trump said it so it is ok with the Right.