Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fun With Telemarketers 2

I had a call from 1-514-484-7140 a few minutes ago. Of course, it was a telemarketer. The old "Your credit card is ok but we can help you with it." ploy. Hit 1 to talk to an operator or 2 to not get called again.

As in the past, I started off with 2 just to prove it doesn't work. It didn't. According to the computer it was invalid. Of course it accepted 1 and sent me to an operator. As before the operator had an east-Indian accent.

He started his spiel from the minute the line opened.  "Hello. I can help you lower the rates on your credit card. We ..."

I cut him off with my old spiel "What bank are you with?"

"Oh sir, we are not a bank. We are a company that can help you lower your interest rate by at least 10%."

"Wow." I replied, deciding to take a different route. "That is fantastic."

"Yes it is sir. We can do this ..."

I cut him off again. "Can you lower it by more than that?"

"Oh it is possible sir. I would have to get your credit card information and then we can see how much it can be lowered."


"Yes sir. Can I have your information."

"Amazing that you claim to know my credit card information and can lower my rate when I don't own a credit card."

He hung up. :)



  1. lol!! thank god I didn't answer the phone. I also got a call from this number today. I always check online to see who the caller is.

    1. I tend not to answer them unless I am bored. :)