Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's official ... I'm a twit.

Ok, it is official. I am now a twit or is it a twat? I joined twitter to enter a contest to win P.K. Subban's game winning puck from a game versus Boston in the playoffs this year.

Since joining it and spamming that account with tweets (3) to better my chance to win I never logged back on. Until this morning. I have to say Twitter is pretty much everything I expected it to be. And taht isn't a good thing. ;)

As soon as I opened ythe program the fucktardery started. Ads and useless retweets. HockeyNightInCanada if I had wanted to see an ad for GreztkyHockeySchool I would have gone looking for it. I don't need to have it retweeted so I can see it.

CBC seems to retweet a lot of idiotic things. Dallas Eakins tweeted that he "Absolutely loves Mr. Cole" and CBC felt that piece of important news had to be retweeted. The world as we know it would end if CBC didn't let you know about Dallas Eakins love for Mr. Cole (A CBC hockey commentator.) Fucktards.

Then you have retweeting stuff from WaltDisneyStudiosCAN. I don't know what going to see Malificent has to do with football nor do I know why FIFA needs to retweet asking if I am going to see it.  As with the other sports related accounts I followed I did it to hear ABOUT THE SPORTS and not this idiocy of retweeted bullshit. Fucktards.

Then there are the ads that Twitter decides I need to see like Windows Canada. Or an add, not a retweet, for GretzkyHockeySchool.

You know, I have never claimed to have much of a life but I have enough of one that I don't need shit like Twitter to get through a day. To get reaffirmation that what I posted and said is good. To try and get things retweeted as much as I can ... will retweet yours if you retweet mine.

It reminds me of some of the stupider aspects of YouTube. People you don't know, and odds are would never care to know, messaging you saying nothing but "sub4sub". That is, if you subscribe to them they will subscribe to you. Even if you never look at their site again, or don't believe in anything they expound, sub4sub man. That way they can have as many subscribers as possible and somehow it will make them look important to the world. Kind of like the people on Facebook who collect friends so they can point to a list of hundreds or thousands of friends. Most of which they don't really know.

Pathetic and epic fucktardery.

I will pare the twitter list down to just a few to follow and give it a second chance. Then I will delete it next time I log on. Oops, sorry, seeing into the future. What can I say ... I am pretty sure that won't improve Twitter  for me.


  1. I joined Twitter when I was studying for my Education degree. It was part of another student's presentation (we were all doing something about using technology in our class).
    I did find one guy who posts as Batman, and they were pretty funny, but now... I can't remember the last time I logged in to my account.
    You're right about the feed getting so clogged up with useless bullshit. It took me ages to scroll through looking for something interesting.
    It just isn't worth the time.

    1. Linked with a group of friends who talk to each other a lot it could be useful. As it is I don't expect to be keeping it.

  2. Twitter IS the equivalent of yelling into the street, on the internet.