Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Shit Morons Say ... when pushing a product.

"I am not trying to force you into anything."

Mom was getting home from the food bank as I was getting the dog ready for a walk. I noticed a woman two houses away going door to door. Yeah, I knew it wasn't a JoHo or some other Christer. I was pretty sure it was someone selling something. Mom could deal with them. If I did it wouldn't be pleasant.

The woman who came to the door was peddling service with Bell-Aliant. She had a list of non-Bell-Aliant customers on my street and that was her target audience.

The woman was nice enough. BUT. She was peddling something. Over the years I have developed a keen lack of tolerance for people peddling something who don't listen when I say no. I will say no once, even twice. The third time I have to say no I am not usually pleasant. But I am skipping ahead.

The woman was pleasant enough with Mom. I was inside, where I couldn't be seen, getting the dog ready. Mom was at the door way. Mom asked her what she wanted. The woman said she was with Bell-Aliant. Mom immediately said "I am not interested in changing my service." That was a good negative answer.

A peddlar should have picked up on it and either called it a day and move don or, as most are trained, try to get convince the person to change. The peddlar went for the latter, as most would. (Did I mention I used to peddle a product and learned at least some of the signs that told you when to move on? Most peddlars don't move on until at least the second sign is seen. Aggressive ones who love the hard sell will continue after the second sign, or third, or ... ok I am jumping ahead again.)

The woman started shilling her product again. Mom quickly said "I am happy with Eastlink's service and am not interested in changing." The woman started talking comparison.

At that point I said "Eastlink is a good service."

The woman replied "Oh your son is talking but I can't see him." Wow, what a fucking reply. You have just been told twice that your target is not interested and when I say something (not the Fuck off bitch that I wanted to) THAT is the best you can do?

She then persisted in engaging Mom about how great Bell-Aliant is. Mom told her about how she used Aliant's service years ago and switched because they didn't give her good service or good customer service. The woman ignored that and started asking how much Mom paid because their deal was so great.

At that point I decided enough was enough, it was time to step in. Mom had given the bitch enough notice that she wasn't interested. So, I said how much we are now paying which is $20 below what Bell was offering.

Once again the woman started going on about a voice but she can't see who is talking. So, I stepped into the door way to address her. "We aren't interested in changing. Your offer is $20 more than we are paying."

"Well, do you have DVR?" she replied.

"I looked her in the eye and said "I don't care about DVR. Hell, if it wasn't for my Mother I wouldn't have cable."

That is when she looked shocked and blurted "I am not trying to force you into anything?"

I smiled at her and said "Then why are you still here? Have a good day."

She stammered "Have a good day." and left.

THIS is why I don't give sales people 3 strikes. If they don't get it by strike two they can fuck off. Did she think she had a senior citizen she could push around? Or the son of one she could? I don't know. I don't care. She was told no twice. THAT should have been enough. Fuck off.

Bell-Aliant, FUCK OFF. Your rep just tried to pressure my Mother and pissed me off. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever look at you in a good light.

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