Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shit Morons Say ... when mistaken.

"Isn't this where I get my tires changed?"

I was waiting to get my hair cut yesterday when a woman carrying a kid walked into the barber shop. she looked around and said "Isn't this where I get my tires changed?"

The barber never missed a beat. He shook his head and said "No. They are around the other side of the building. This is a barber shop."

"Oh. I guess I should go." was her reply.

The barber chuckled and said "If you need a haircut you can stay."

She left. We started laughing.

Another customer who was waiting said "That happen a lot?"

The barber said "A few times a week. You would never know there is a sign over the entrance saying this is a barber shop. Plus one on the door. Plus the sign for the tire shop telling you where it's entrance is."

The guy in the chair said "Ever mess with their heads?"

The barber said "I don't really have to. Hell, once a guy came in, saw me cutting hair and said 'Here are my  keys.' as if I was standing behind  desk and not cutting hair."

Damn. People can be stupid.


  1. What bothers me is these people are allowed out without supervision, and can vote and drive cars.