Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How stupid do you think I am?

One of my sisters, lets call her DB, has been on my shit list for a while. Actually, she isn't on that list or any other. I just don't bother with her. Don't usually think about her.

Our Mother had major surgery a couple of years ago. She was in the hospital about 5 days then home to recover. It was about a month and a half before this sister came to visit her. A week before Christmas. To get and drop off presents. In the years since then I can count the number of times she has visited Mom on ONE hand. Visited, not actually done anything for.

Why, you might ask? She has excuses. Too busy week days. Too busy weekends. The week days, fine, she babysits a load of kids. But she does manage to take a week off several times a year to go shopping in the states. Just has no time to visit her Mother.

A few days ago I got a Facebook message from her. She told me that she had messaged Mom. She had to have her dog put down. It had been suffering from a disease for years and had developed kidney/liver problems as well. For that she got my condolences. Then she went on to say that NOW that she doesn't have to stay home with the dog all the time she will be able to visit Mom.

Wow. She blamed her absence in Mom's life on the dog. Claiming she couldn't leave the dog alone. I don't know how fucking stupid she thinks I am but I do know that she would go to the US shopping several times a year. Usually for a week. She Facebooks about it every time she goes.

But she couldn't leave the dog alone for a few hours to visit her Mother. She only lives about a 15-20 minute drive away. US, no problem for a week. Mom for an hour or so, too hard. Fuck me.

The DB stands for Douchebag.


  1. She is your sister. Why do you care if she lies? Grow the fuck up asshole.

    1. Why do I care is she lies? Hmmm .... good question. Could it be because a) I don't like being lied to and b) She should respect her Mother more?

      And I don't usually do requests so there is no fucking way I am going to grow up. :)

  2. Very stupid you douchebag!