Sunday, November 21, 2010

Double Entendres

I was at a family dinner at my brother's tonight. The subject got onto foods of the world.

One of my niece's had been to a Korean restaurant in Halifax called Seoul Retaurant. She was telling me what she had, and what she liked.

Jokingly, I said "Damn, I should have told you to order boshintang."

I got a lot of strange looks from around the table. Another niece said "Wouldn't you have to go to the strip club (Ralph's Place) for that? Doesn't it come with the bearded clam?" and everyone chuckled.

Then the lightbulb went off over my head. "Ahhh! No. Dog soup. Boshintang. Not Bush and Tongue."

Of course this brought out another story from back when I was in University. I was with 3 friends at a local bar, Big league's, for lunch. The drink service was horrible but the food service was good and they had a hot new waitress.

Our friend Dave was having trouble choosing what to get. he was torn between the breaded shrimp or getting clams and chips. The waitress showed up to get our orders. Everyone but Dave ordered. When it was his turn he looked up from the menu at her. I guess he was taken by her looks, not that the rest of us blamed him for that.

He blurted out "I'll have the bearded clam!"

Then he looked mortified and said "I meant the bearded shrimp. The breaded shrimp! The breaded shrimp!"

Luckily, the waitress had a good sense of humour and didn't take offense with Dave's brain fart. She did end up getting a good tip from Dave too, who was still flustered when we left.

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