Monday, November 1, 2010

What the ... unprofessional priest?!?!?

I am not a religious person. While I have my beliefs I don't push them on others. hell, I don't really talk about them.

My mother is very religious. Her and my dad were there from the start of her current church, when they held services in an Elementary school gymnasium while saving money to build a church. She was active in the choir, outreach programs, women's group, presbytry, most committees.

Now she has cut back a lot of what she does and the main reason is the minister. He is a bit of a twat. Ok, I lie, he is a huge twat. Since he took over from the former minister well over half the congregation has left. He isn't that good a minister and certainly doesn't inspire his flock.

To me the robes of the minister are his uniform. Well, from what I have heard, he doesn't usually wear his robes. He often just wears casual clothes.

IF I had been a parishioner what he did this past Sunday, Halloween Day, would have seen me standing up and telling him off before I walked out of the church. His father was a minister as well. He wore his fathers robes for the service and told his congregation, during his sermon, that this was his Halloween costume. Seriously! He wasn't joking

To me he disgraced his uniform and his father by saying that. It is no wonder the the church has lost 3/4 of the congregation if that is what he is like. Hell, things are so bad they may have to change him to a part-time minister because they aren't bringing in enough money to run the church.

On the one hand it reinforces my feelings towards most organized religions. On the other hand, it bothers my mother and for that I would like to go upside his head with a 2X4.

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