Monday, November 29, 2010

Amazing Race

The latest episode of amazing Race (Season 17 Episode 10) was the pukiest I have ever seen.

They all had to go to a chinese Buffet and one person from each team had to find 1 of 5 PIECES of fake food that was mixed in with the real food. Claire from one team puked at least twice and Vicki from another team puked at least once. It took a while for most teams to get through.

I can't remember a challenge where there was this much puking. Even the stinky tofu challenge in a previous race didn't have this much puking. Lots of gagging but not this much puking.

It was funny to hear Claire`s partner talking about how this was the way they did it during the Reneaissance ... eat, puke, and then eat more. Binge and purge baby! Binge and purge!

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