Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lucky Mook

Fucking mook on the way home was lucky

My Great Aunt, more like a sister to my mom, is dying. We spent the evening at her bedside.

On the way home I came to an intersection. There is a short merge lane to the right and then two regular lanes. I waited just to be safe. There was an SUV coming but he was far enough back that i could have made it out into the regular lane. You can never be sure or drivers so i just pulled out into the merge lane.

Sure enough the cunt had sped up as soon as he saw me starting to turn into the merge lane. Next thing I see in the driver side mirror is this asshole stopped ... in the REGULAR lane ... behind me. He is blasting his horn, flashing his lights, and screaming. Keep in mind I am in the MERGE lane ... haven't even come NEAR the regular lane.

I wait about 8-10 seconds and the asshole is STILL stopped and acting out. Screw that noise, I start driving and pull into the regular lane. Thank you Mr. Mook.

He ends up behind us at the next lights. Once again there is blasting of the horn and lots of swearing. Fuck You this and pussy that. All I can do is chuckle, and fight the urge to give him the finger. My mother is starting to get concerned though. Is he going to try following us home? Is he going to try cutting us off? THAT started pissing me off. It was a hard enough night without this stupid piece of shit scaring my 78 year old mother.

I tell her not worry. Assholes like this don't usually have the stones to do anything. They are all show and no substance. You encounter a lot of them in Korea.

Sure enough. Asshole ends up beside us hiding behind his tinted windows b ut keeping pace. I grin at him. He peels away fast as he can. Fucking pussy. Part of me is glad he did that because my mother was getting worried. Part of me wishes he had gotten out or followed me because I have a lot of frustrations and could use someone to beat them out on.


  1. I always end up behind someone who stops in the merge lane and waits for the regular lanes to clear so they can get in. Why don't these morons realize that the merge lane is there for you to get up to speed and then... wait for it...MERGE, YOU STUPID MOOK!!!

  2. Mooks. They give me high blood pressure at times. :)