Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Sometimes you will meet a person who, the FIRST time you meet, gives you Too Much Information about their life. I ran into one who gave Too Much Fucking Information!

My Mother volunteers at the local food bank. She makes sure that needy families who couldn't make it to the food bank get groceries too. So, I help her by delivery them. There is one place I won't be going anymore.

It was the first time I had delivered to her apartment. The woman just went on and on about stuff I have no need to know. About her divorce, custody case, sex life. According to her, her husband said he found naked pictures one of their daughters and had them on his computer. So she got one of her sons to steal the computer. Do you think she did something wrong? Evidently the police and the judge do. but she doesn't. (There weren't any pictures.)

Or how her and a daughter wrote a lengthy essay about her father fucking around and what a sleaze and bad father he is. They "accidently" brought the stamped envelope with the essay in to the store where his current girlfriend worked. The other daughter "accidently" gave it to his current girlfriend while she was at work. She went on and on about stuff like this for over 10 minutes. The whole time whining that she is misunderstood and it isn't her fault.

I actually tried to get away after 5 minutes at her door. She followed me outside onto the landing and kept rambling on and on for another 5+ minutes.

I wanted to tell her to fuck off. It was hard but I bided my time and kept my mouth shut. I was representing my mom and the food bank so I couldn't do and say what I wanted.

"Why the fucking hell are you telling me this you stupid bitch?!?!? You just met me!!!! TOO MUCH FUCKING INFORMATION!!!! Yes you were WRONG!!! Don't be surprised when the custody case goes against you. I really couldn't give a good god damn about you or the fucking mess you call your life."

Finally I made it to the safety of my car, which I immediately locked. Just in case. I won't be delivering anything to that apartment again.

Some people really need to see a psychiatrist instead of talking to strangers. You just don't tell shit like that about your life (or someone else's) to complete strangers.

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