Monday, November 1, 2010

Mook of the Week

Actually this should be Mooks of the Week.

My mother and I had to go into Halifax. Actually, the other side of Halifax. On the way back we came upon a garbage truck making pick ups. The street was windy and going down a hill to the Bedford Highway. Visibility wasn't good because of the turns in the street. Add to that the solid line indicating no passing.

Mom decides to wait for the truck to move a bit since she can see cars coming up the hill. This caused the mooks behind us to get pissed off.

This stupid cocksucker actually blasted his horn at us while heading INTO oncoming traffic! Unfortunately I couldn't get liscence plates because of the glare. If we could see the car coming you know the moron in the truck could.

We moved a bit before the truck stopped again. Even being behind the truck we could see more cars coming up the other side.

This idiot actually started passing the cars behind us, he wasn't the one right behind us he was about 3 cars back, while everyone was moving. The garbage truck had just stopped.

Even though they could see the cars coming these assholes decided to tromp on the gas and pass.

The truck on the left actually had to pull to the side and stop because assholes like this mook decided it was their right to pass in the no pass zone while traffic was coming.

It was mooks on parade in Halifax. A parade I wish I had missed. I also wish the glare hadn't been so bad then I would have had some tags to put up too. Morons like that shouldn't be allowed on the road.

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