Monday, November 8, 2010

$7.5 Million Dollar Mistake

Scott Gomez can play hockey, his past proves it. But that was the past. Why the hell Montreal acquired him from the New York Rangers is beyond me. The fact the Rangers were willing to get rid of him for so little should have been a warning sign.

Montreal got Gomez, Tom Pyatt, and Mike Busto. In exchange they gave up Christopher Higgins, Ryan McDonaugh, Pavel Valentenko, and the rights to Doug Janik. None of those four are with the Rangers now.

Christopher Higgins went to the Flames and is now with the Panthers. McDonaugh's rights are still owned by the Rangers. Pavel Valentenko never played with the Rangers. He is playing for Dynamo Moscow in the KHL. Doug Janik never played for the Rangers and is now playing for the Red Wings.

Basically, New York gave Gomez away. They knew he wasn't worth the price and wanted to free up cap space. They traded him for players who never even played for them. You would think the deal would have sent out huge warning signs to Montreal. Unfortunately, it didn't and they made the trade. Glenn Sather must have been surprised to find a rube to take Gomez off of his hands.

Gomez is still playing in Montreal and does produce. But he is NOT worth the $7.5 Million Dollar price tag. So far this season he has been extremely disappointing. The way he is playing he is on his way to a whopping 16 point season. That works out to about $500,000 a point. What a waste.

I thought the trade was a stupid idea when it happened and nothing has happened to change my mind. The Habs would have been better served by not wasting that cap space and using it to keep or pick up other players. Yet another of Gainey's mistakes.

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