Thursday, October 21, 2010


It is nice to be back in a country where a piece of shit rag like the Korea Times is not the norm. Well, outside of Fox News that is. However, there are other problems related to the media.

THE NEWS now, at least in Canada, is all about Colonel Russell Williams. The piece of shit makes me wish Canada had the death penalty because he is the poster boy for using it.

The reporting of the case has been, in my view, excessive. Yes, it is an important story. It needs to be told. The amount of detail however is not necessary. Seriously, the news HAS to show the pictures of Williams dressing in the lingerie of his victims? really? They have to drone on and on and on about everything? You would think there is no other news story in Canada except this.

It reminds me of the stupidity that went on during the Homolka trial. The media actually wanted to get a hold of the tapes that were made of the girls being raped and murdered. What the hell?!?? Why?!?!? They actually went to court to try and force the release of the tapes! That is fucking twisted.

The last thing the family of the victims needs is to have things like that handed over to the media and circulated. Why in the hell would anyone want to watch the rape and murder of the girls? Other than for some twisted sexual fetish?

Reporting the news doesn't mean that every salacious detail has to be exposed. While the lingerie photos aren't as bad as trying to get the tapes it still isn't necessary to reporting the story. Considering that Williams plead guilty to the charges it isn't as if any of the evidence is being disputed or even needs to be presented. Yet the media feels the need to air it all because the sensational nature of it will get ratings. It isn't that they are reporting the story it is how they are doing it or over doing it. Then again, I never had a high opinion of the media and how they operate.

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