Thursday, October 14, 2010

Christmas Craziness

One of the things I did not miss while I was living in South Korea was the deluge of ads, carols, and commercialism that comes before Christmas. It used to be that right after Halloween the craziness started. You couldn't go anywhere without seeing Christmas stuff for sale and hearing carols. Usually the switch over would start Halloween night and the stuff would be there on display the next day.

I went to CostCo with my Sister-in-law the first of the month. It was my first ever visit to a non-Korea CostCo. What really stuck in my mind though was the plethora of Christmas crap that was already out. There was more Christmas crap (lights, wreaths, cards, stockings, etc) out than Halloween stuff!!! The first of October? What the hell??!?!?


  1. I know!
    It's always startling at how earlier and earlier Christmas commercialism is inflicted on us. When I was little, I enjoyed Christmas because I got heaps of toys. As I grew up, I enjoyed getting together with family, the which feeling became more acute after I left to teach English in Korea.
    But over the years I've always remembered that quote from "Miracle On 34th St" (the 1947 original, natch):
    "Yeah, there's a lot of 'ism's' in the world today, and one of the worst is commercialism."

  2. It definitely starts way to early now.