Friday, October 8, 2010

What the ... nachoes

I want to have chili cheese nachos tomorrow night for the hockey game. Since I already have chili and cheese the hardest part was done. It should have been easy to just pick up some nachos and be good to go. Should being the operative word.

What the hell?!?!? I would never have thought it would be that hard to get normal corn nacho chips at Sobey's or any other big grocery store but it was insane. They had umpteen varieties of nachos but none of them your basic regular nacho. They bite size, multigrain, multi flavour. Someone please explain to me why the fuck I would need salsa "flavoured" nacho chips when one normally dips the fucking things in salsa?!?!?!?!?

I started to feel like Denis Leary trying to get a cup of coffee flavoured coffee. All I wanted was regular flavoured and shaped nachoes. In the end, after 5+ minutes of searching 2 shelves, I ended up with Old Dutch Restaurant Round style but at least they are regular flavour.

I had less trouble getting nachos in South Korea! Indian brand nachos were at every Home Plus and a few other places. There was no other choice but them however they were nachos not the crap multi flavour crap Tostitoes and others put out.


  1. Yeah Flint, I don't know what happened to the chip section. It's soo confusing at the grocery stores now, I don't even go down that isle.
    I go to the corner store, so it narrows the choices.

  2. IG

    Yeah, never thought I would be happier to go to an over priced corner store but at least you know what you will get.