Friday, October 1, 2010

What the ... PC Bullshit?

I am not a fan of baseball but a recent headline caught my eye.

It turns out that when the Cincinnati Reds won the National League title last Tuesday they celebrated with victory cigars. Oh the humanity!!!

This was seen on TV and some "people", 7 supposedly, who have nothing better to do in life called up and reported the Reds for violating the No Smoking law.

I don't smoke cigarettes but I do like the occasional cigar. Smoking Nazis like the ass hats who called and complained about the victory cigars irk me. It is like the morons who whined about Scotty Lago celebrating his Olympic win or the way the US media whined about the Canadian Women's Hockey team celebrating their gold medal win.

So now the Health Department has to conduct a private visit or two to make sure there are no more incidents. If there are the fine is a whopping $100 for the 1st offence.

How much money will be wasted on the "investigation" that could end up with a $100 fine at the most? All because some puritanical pieces of shit got their panties in a bunch seeing the Reds smoke a victory cigar. Ain't Political correctness fun?


  1. Goddamned Safety Nazis!
    I, too, enjoy the occasional cigar. Linking it with something like a victory celebration seems a no-brainer, but in these days of Big Brother, you have to be careful who's watching.
    There's nothing so obnoxious as a person who minds everybody else's business.