Saturday, October 9, 2010

What the ... rights of women?!?!?!?

I recently read an article about a video made by the the Quebec Federation of Women. They made this video to protest Canada having troops in Afghanistan. Instead they managed to insult our soldiers and their parents and basically make themselves look like morons.

The stupid bitches (and I had to force myself to tone down what I was going to say. I was going to call them a bunch of stupid c***s with no censoring.) had an actress in the video playing the role of a mother whose child died in Afghanistan say

"If I had known in my life that I would be making cannon fodder, I may not have had children,"

as she held an AK-47.

They have since removed that section of the video and apologized. It left me asking the question though ... if it had been a comment denigrating women would they accept an apology? Of course not.

They had to hire an actress? You think the fact that no mother of a soldier killed in Afghanistan (odds are no mother of a soldier) would ever appear and say that would give these idiots a clue to how insulting and wrong this was.

Ok, this left me asking more than just one question. One of the biggest questions is what the hell does the war in Afghanistan have to do with the rights of women in Quebec?!?!

The Quebec Federation of women was started in 1966 to fight for women's rights in Quebec. Considering that until the early 70's women weren't allowed to own property in Quebec it was a necessary movement.

According to Alexa Condrati, the head moron of this group

“Our mandate is to defend women’s rights, and we have to do that in whatever political climate we’re in,”

This year they joined a movement to boycott Israel. What does this have to do with women's rights in Quebec? In Canada? In Israel? How is their latest stupidity supporting Women's rights in Afghanistan let alone Quebec?

What political climate is this ditz talking about? Is their some wellspring of anti-women sentiment being espoused by Canadians that I missed hearing about? Is the Canadian army being used in some was to repress women's rights in Canada? Hell, in Afghanistan?

Maybe Condrati is having acid flashbacks and thinks she is still running Quebec Solidaire? What a bunch of ignorant fucking whack jobs.


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