Sunday, August 5, 2012

What the ... twit?!?!?!?

Man o man did Twitter ever shoot itself in the foot. First they suspended the account of someone who criticized NBC's Olympic coverage. Then they reinstate it and apologize. Then it comes out that the fucktards at Twitter actually contacted NBC and suggested they file a complaint so the account could be suspended.

Now why would Twitter do this? Could it have anything to do with the fact that NBC's parent company is an Olympic Sponsor?

Me, I don't use twitter. Never have, dunno if I ever will. It just doesn't interest me that much. This BS just makes me want to use it even less. Now if only I could get Android to stop trying to force me to "update" my apps and add Twitter, and Facebook. I get a message a day about "updating" and adding these apps that I don't want.


  1. I believe you can turn off that feature so you no longer get those annoying pop-ups requesting that you constantly update all that nonsense. However, everytime you do a hard reboot, you will have to turn it off again as the "default" turns it back on.

  2. I hate the way things get attached and added and you have to download this piece of shit to get that piece of shit.
    The fuckers can't stop trying to sell you crap!

  3. John: I will have to look around for that. Thanks for the info. :)

  4. Stig: Yeah. Remember how the school computers would be virus ridden because the staff and students would always accept what the pop-ups had to offer?