Monday, August 20, 2012

Shit Morons Say ... that is wrong.

"Wait a minute. Who are you trying to defend against? You think China ... you think China is just going to come walking over ... you know fly in like they did at Pearl Harbour? No they are going to attack us through cyber-terrorism."

Mark Cuban on Real Time last Friday talking about "who" the US is defending against and how they will attack in the future. A strong well said for trying to put the focus on cyber-terrorism. A big FAIL for not knowing history.

Seriously, he thinks that China attacked Pearl Harbour? And here I was taught that Japan did that. So, if he believes China attacked the US at Pearl Harbour, getting the US into WW II, who the hell does he think is responsible for the Rape of Nanking?

Just because you are wealthy and/or a celebrity doesn't mean you know shit from shinola.


  1. An article in a Japanese newspaper set me straight about Pearl Harbour. The article put forth the fact that the Americans fired first, when they sunk a Japanese mini-sub outside the harbour entrance.
    So the Japanese were acting in self defense. It was lucky that they had a six carrier task force only a coupla hundred miles away, eh?

  2. Damn lucky. :) Fucking mooks.

  3. You missed commenting on the first idiotic part: "you think China is just going to come walking over."

    I'd love to see how that walking feat would be accomplished or that fact that going door to door in the U.S. is nearly impossible as many U.S. citizens have their own guns (well, except those in the states of New York and California where strict gun laws keep honest citizens from protecting themselves while the criminals remain well-armed).

    Stig, you are right about that sub incident, but I don't know if you know that FDR was told by the Japanese themselves in Washington, D.C., about this impending attack on Pearl a few days prior to it. But FDR needed the attack and the killing of his own citizens to get the U.S. into the war against Germany. Ironically, it nearly backfired as the U.S. declared war against only Japan on the 8th, but could not openly declare war against Germany until Hitler either attacked the U.S. directly or declared war against the U.S. first, which, of course, he and Mussolini stupidly did on the 11th in upholding their part in the Axis powers group of pure evil.

  4. Damn John I can't believe I missed that one. :( I guess I was just too astounded by him mixing China up with Japan.

  5. Any would-be conqueror of the U.S.A. would do well to remember what happened to the Russkies and the Cubans in "Red Dawn."
    ; )

  6. Aren't they doing a remake of Red Dawn?