Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mook of the Week

I took my mother to CostCo this morning to pick up some odds and sods. When I parked there weren't a lot of cars around and I saw a red Subaru Legacy about 6 or 7 spots to my left. What made it stick out was the dog looking out the window at me.  (And the shitty parking job in an empty area of the lot.) Well, not OUT the window, it was only open a crack.

Yes, on a hot summer day some fucking mook left his dog in a car to go shopping. It was around 26 Celsius at the time. With the humidity they were saying it would feel like 32+.

 I believe people like this should be stuck in a metal box exposed to the sun so they can get a taste of what the dog is feeling. At the least they should NOT be allowed to have a dog. Unfortunately, society frowns on us giving these fucktards what they deserve.

My mother insisted we tell the CostCo greeter about this and get them to do something. I knew they wouldn't. They aren't allowed. It would upset a customer. Sure enough, the greeter passed us on to someone else. He tried to mollify us but also said there was basically nothing he could do. They don't have any kind of intercom system in CostCo so they couldn't even page the mook.

So, I called the local SPCA and filed a complaint. They have mounted a campaign this year to get people to report assholes like CRK 232. some of the mooks were fined although I never have heard how many. But I digress.

When we left CostCo 30 minutes later the car was still there. Our windows were probably half open, which was a lot more than the mook's car windows for the dog. Inside our car was like a fucking sauna. I can only imagine how bad it was for the poor dog.

Luckily for the mook my mother doesn't like confrontation and I don't like upsetting her. Or I would have waited for him to come out. I THINK I saw the mook getting to his car as we were leaving the parking lot. If I did it is an older man, probably in his 50's.

I have 2 hopes right now. The first is that the Police and SPCA at least talk to the mook if not fine him. Secondly, I hope his kids ignore him as he gets older and he ends up abandoned in a place with no AC and suffers like he let the dog suffer.

Fucking mooks!

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