Saturday, August 4, 2012

Comfort Food for the Eyes

I got home from work dead tired and bone weary. It was a busy night. A lot of mooks were out and about and many came to where I work.

When I got home I took Grizzly for a walk. Some things take priority to being tired, and Grizz is one of them.

When I finally got to settle down and rest before thinking of sleep, which should have taken little thought, I flipped on the TV. Nothing was on. I surfed the channels figuring it would be early to bed when I came upon AMC. They were showing the old Black and White movie Tarzan and his  Mate starring Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Sullivan!!!!

It is the sequel to Tarzan the Ape Man, starring Weissmuller, and one is a series of Tarzan movies he did. Once I started watching I couldn't stop. It brought me back to my childhood. On weekends when we lived in Ontario my school would show these old flicks for a low price.  Not to mention them being on TV.

The plots were simpler in some ways, and left more to your imagination in other ways. I forgot how much I used to idolize Tarzan because of these movies. It was a great way to end a night.

More Tarzan movies are coming on AMC but I do need to sleep. Time to do some judicious downloading. ;)

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