Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What the ... loud mouth?!?!?!?

So, I was really enjoying the game last night. A  Russian fan was sitting a lone in front of me. He was having a good time and showing it. The fans around us were having a good time. During the 1st intermission some of his comrades joined him, using up some empty seats to our right. They had the Commissar hats on, spetsnaz shirts, and a Russian flag.

As the 2nd started these guys were having a good time. Cheering for their team and feeling dejected when something went against their team. Just like every Canadian fan. Unfortunately, the fucktard behind me, and another to our left,  didn't like to see them enjoying themselves.

The moron behind me started whining about their flag waving. He didn't mind it when a Canadian flag obstructed his view of course. At one point he started chirping for them to sit down and put "that fucking flag away". Being me I had to tell him to shut the fuck up and just watch the game. He didn't seem to like that but listened. When the Russians went up 4-2 in the 2nd he started pissing and moaning, gathered his stuff up and left the game. What a fucking moron.

Then there was the fucktard to the left of us. He took great delight at yelling at the Russian fans when the Canadians scored or got an advantage. Shaking his finger at them and crowing like a mook at a mook convention. He was being pretty obnoxious. The Russians pretty much ignored his antics. I had talked with the guy in front of me during the 1st period and his English wasn't that good.

Fucktardo, it should be mentioned, had a lot of liquid courage in him. Even his friends were getting embarrassed by his stupidity. Canada managed to tie it up at 5 in the 3rd. Fucktardo started crowing and yelling at the Russians. "The game is going to end 6-5 ... for US! Fuck you comrade!"

At that point I had to say something. Fun is fun but he was just being too obnoxious. I somewhat politely asked him to sit down and shut the fuck up. I believe a please was included in there to make it polite. Then I said "You better not have jinxed the game for us by saying that."

In the end the Russians beat us ... 6-5. The first thing I did was curse out the fucktard for jinxing us. Even his friends chastised him. I will give some credit to the mook, by this point he realized how much of an ass he had been (the liquid courage was wearing off) and congratulated the Russian fans properly. That was nice to see after how much of an ass he had been.

I hope tonights game is as exciting. With less fucktards.


  1. I had a similar experience at a playoff game between Saskatchewan and the Stamps a coupla years ago. My brother and I were sitting way up in the back, surrounded by a sea of green. Late in the game, when it was obvious the green Riders were going to win, this fucktard sitting next to us (full of liquid courage) started making comments and shouting insults. It was obvious that he was working himself up to slug somebody. Besides the liquid courage, I think he figured because my bro and I were Stamps fans, that we would back him up.
    By this time, a lot of fair weather fans further down had left, so my bro and I moved and leaving the fucktard to his fate. I hope the fans that he was abusing closed in on him like a herd of zombies, leaving nothing but his empty skull behind.
    Fucking mook.