Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Urban Peasant

Recently on another blog there was talk about the use of the word peasant in a derogatory fashion. While it can be used that way I always thought of it to mean rustic and simple. As in, peasant food. All of this got me thinking of a cooking show I used to watch many moons ago on CBC. It was called The Urban Peasant and was hosted by James Barber.

The show was always good to watch. It had the right mix of cooking and humour. Now I would like to watch some episodes and reminisce but it isn't on any more. James Barber died in 2007 and there was only 1 DVD released, which I can't find. Anyone know of a good torrent site for episodes?

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  1. I'll check back. Hope someone rips that dvd and puts it up on a torrent site. James was hilarious, and would always get into trouble with the execs for putting booze in his food.