Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Internet Threats

A friend, EB, is currently involved in a "war" of sorts on YouTube. A guy he used to be friends with turned into a twat and started attacking and making threats. EB lashed back telling what he thought of him and let it go. The self named "fat angry bastard" continued his attacks including personal threats and "calling" EB out.

EB lives in the UK. FAB lives in Australia. What kind of a morons tries to "call someone out" from the other side of the world? Does he actually think EB will hop on a plane and come fight him? And making threats of violence on video over the net? Bravo. So brave. And so admissible in court. What a fucktard.

EB made a beautiful reply which basically encapsulated what I thought of FAB's stupidity. He pointed out that FAB needs to be careful who he attacks and calls out. There are a LOT of whackjobs on the internet, and YouTube in particular. One day he is going to piss off, threaten, the wrong one and he may end up with a visitor at his door.

Just look at how the Korean NetNazis act out and post peoples personal information. FAB posts videos on YouTube showing himself, his home, and talking about life. That makes it even easier to find him if some whackjob was so inclined. It is something Herr Consoleman on Korea Sentry needs to keep in mind as he spews his racist bile while living in Australia. His personal info is just a google click away.

It reminds me of the stupidity of some of the idiots who called in when I worked at the call centre. I had access to their SSN, personal information, and cell phone account. If they call up and piss off the wrong person they could REALLY get fucked over. Actually, considering some of the people I worked with, I am surprised it didn't happen more often than it did ... and wasn't reported.

It seems like a lot of people put their brains in neutral when they go on the internet. Thinking they can do and say whatever they want with no repercussions no matter how vile they act. In one way they are right, most of the people they target won't fight back offline. They just shouldn't be surprised if some whack job takes their threats seriously and shows up to say hi.

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