Friday, July 29, 2011

RCMP Criminal Background Check takes even longer.

I was at my brother's tonight. His wife's brother and family are visiting and he is in the RCMP. We talked about the whole fingerprint VSS check. He says it is worse than I was told. It will take 3-4 months to get the check done if you are lucky. Expect it to be more like 6 months.

Why? Because the government dumped the extra work on the RCMP, and other police forces, without actually giving them more people or money to do it. The VSS checks have a low priority. And there isn't any movement by the government to improve things.

I have already lost 12 jobs because of this. No one wants to wait 3-4 months, let alone 6, to hire someone to fill an empty position. So much for trying to find work in fields I am qualified in and would enjoy.

People who know nothing about the process but feel the need to tell me that it couldn't possibly be the way it is tend to irk me. One of those type of people was at my brother's (a mutual friend of my brother and I) during this conversation. Maybe now he won't feel the need to open his pie hole and speak about shit he knows nothing of, shit that I am actually having to deal with.

The joys of life.


  1. You're right 6 months is a very long period for a background check. The government should do something about this because this criminal background check is very important and it's unacceptable to wait that much for a result. Your friend will definitely shut his mouth when you talk about this .

  2. That is way too long you should do something to get the result .. pressuring the government will do or you must submit your own detailed criminal background check.

  3. Yup, 6 months to get the result is way too long. The candidate you are running for criminal records can do anything bad before you can get the result.