Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Damn I am sore!

It is funny how something we watch others do and think we can do easily with no pain really isn't that easy.

I am NOT much of a handyman. My Mom needed to have the back deck fixed. Last week my brother David (no not David/KRD) checked it out for her. It turns out when she hired someone to make the deck they never made it to code. They didn't lag bolt it to the house, instead they used about 12 or so galvanized nails. They only put leg posts on the front and never sited them properly. This caused the deg to sink about 6 inches or so on one front corner and 2 inches or so on the other. All of which made for a wobbly deck that really wasn't safe.

So this morning we set out to fix it. We jacked each of the bad sides up and put in new posts. The old ones were not done properly and only had a few galvanized nails, not even screws, holding them in place. Now they sited properly, shouldn't sink again, and are screwed in properly, with the right number of screws.

That turned out to be the easy part. I had to go under the deck and ratchet the bloody lag bolts in. Holy hell my hands and shoulders are sore! It looks so easy when you see people ratcheting stuff in. Now I know better.

I was sweaty by the time we were done the posts. It was kind of hot out. By the time I finished the lag bolts I was drenched. My ball cap was so sweat soaked it has to be washed. Next time I will know better and either hire someone or not assume it is easy. :)


  1. I am tired just thinking about sitting in a lawn chair and watching you do all that.

  2. heh .... I hope your were drinking something frosty and alcoholic.

  3. You know it, buddy!
    (Oh, the agony!)

  4. Tomorrow I promise myself a frosty alcoholic treat in the evening.