Monday, July 25, 2011

Shit Morons Say ... to their mother.

"No, she was a sweet little MILF."

I have a confession to make. Well, it isn't really new. It isn't something I haven't said before. Sometimes, I am a moron. Sometimes I just have a massive brain fart. It happened today.

I went for a walk with my Mother after supper. At one point I head off to walk up a big hill while she takes a gentler route and we meet up. On the way up the hill I met a woman, as Arizona would say a hotty with a naughty body, walking her Shitsu. Both were friendly so I stopped and talked for a couple of minutes.

When I caught up with my mother I mentioned meeting the woman and dog. Mom said she thought she heard me talking. Then she asked me if it was an older woman walking the dog. (Someone she knows.) I replied with the first thought I had ...

"No, she was a sweet little MILF."

I almost smacked myself in the head because the next thing I expected to hear was "What is a MILF." Luckily my mind had caught up to the speed my mouth was moving and I was able to direct the conversation away from that and onto something else.


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