Wednesday, September 26, 2012


What are the odds?

Grizzly has cancer. It is in his right leg and inoperable. Two years ago we started going through the same thing with Ruger but the opposite front leg.

They removed a tumour from Grizzly's leg but it WILL be back. When is up in the air but it will return. When it does and gets to a certain size ... it is time to let him go. :( Let him go. What a fucking stupid play on words. It is time to ... what do you say? Say good bye? Kill him? It is hard to put everything into one little catch phrase.

When the tumour gets to a certain size the only humane thing to do is have him euthanised. If not, the tumour will burst. Or break his bones, disjoint his leg, AND burst. It isn't fair to put him through that. I will not say life isn't fair but there are things we can do that are fair or unfair. Putting him through that would be wrong.

When it comes to cancer you start grieving right away. Regardless of the time remaining that is how we think. We (my family) did it when my father was wrongly diagnosed with cancer. When he rightly was. When Ruger was. Now, when Grizzly was. It is hard not to start the process right away. It is hard not to think of their life as over at that minute. It is wrong to do it but that is how we think.

What is important is that Grizzly has had a good life with us and until the end it will continue that way. We do and will always love him. He is part of our family and regardless of what happens always will be. :(

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