Thursday, September 6, 2012

What do you live by?

"Breakfast done, the paper read, it is mid-morning and my day is finally beginning. Today is a "practice day," as yesterday was; tomorrow and the nextday are "game days." Today, we are "at home," tomorrow we'll be "on the road." If someone were to ask me the day of the week, I would think for a moment and say it is Tuesday, though I wouldn't be sure. And if they wanted to know more, I would tell them it is February, but I don't know the date. I almost never know the date. And while sport life runs on time (and because it does, actually fifteen to thirty minutes ahead of time), I wear no watch. On "practice days" it is "before practice" or "after practice"; on "game days," before "the [team] meal," or "after teh meal." Occaisionally, usually travelling to or from the West Coast, we have a day with no game or practice, a "travel day." Less often, perhaps once a month, we have an "off-day," a day at home. This is the "hockey season"; three months from now, six months ago, it was the "off season" - these are the seasons of our year. While others live by a calendar and a clock, we live by a schedule." 

Ken Dryden "The Game"

I was talking with family about work and trying to explain how we see time there. It wasn't easy. Before getting full time my work days were was all over the place. I didn't usually have the same "Monday" or "Friday". For about 3 months before getting FT my shifts were usually late afternoon and over night. Mainly overnight. It was nothing to hear someone saying "Morning" when I showed up at 6PM to start a 10 hour shift. Then of course "Have a good night." when I got off work at 4:30AM.

Now I am on days. Thursday is my Monday. Monday is my Friday. Tuesday and Wednesday are my weekend. Mornings are really mornings now.

Someone who didn't work there would find our comments about work time and days confusing. Maybe even a little insane. I know my friends and family got a little confused by my references at times.

Dryden definitely understands it. He put it into words I wish I had thought of. I live by a schedule. Not a clock or a calendar.


  1. That is a different perspective. I may have never consciously thought about it, but I prolly am the same way.
    When I was teaching last spring, the students' schedule was Day 1 or Day 2, not Mon Tue Wed, etc.

  2. Because we are open 7 days a week and some staff has to be there at all times our concept of week and weekend is different.