Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beer Me!

The subject of beer came up at work yesterday. It was slow and three of us were standing around talking. One co-worker, G, brought up the subject. She said she would like to go back to Mexico, her native land, and open a bar. She wondered what our favourite Canadian beer was. K smirked and looked at me.

I hemmed and hawed a bit. Then I said "I don't really like Canadian beer. They are kind of boring." I prefer drinking European beers. Usually Irish, German, Czech, and Belgian. My beer of choice is Harp. I find most Canadian beers don't have much flavour when compared to the European ones. (I am talking about mainstream beers not the micro brewery stuff.) While it is better than the swill that comes out of the U.S. (mainstream companies) it isn't THAT good. Given a choice I will drink European beers.

Then I said, oh and Sol and Corona. (I should also give honourable mention to some Philippino beers like Negra Modela.) Those are good beers too. K started laughing. He knew that I would say that. We have had similar conversations in the past. He likes to brew his own beers and is fussier than me.

G NEVER expected us to praise a Mexican beer. She figured we would blindly push Canadian beers. It was an interesting conversation.

As I write this I am drinking some Harp. :)


  1. hite rules!


  2. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!! Thanks for the laugh. :)

    I didn't mind Cass and sort of enjoyed OB in a guilty pleasure sort of way. Mind you they reminded me of Canadian beers and as I said above I am not a big fan of them.

    Tsingtao blew them all away.