Sunday, September 16, 2012

What the ... misrepresentation?!?!?!?

The photo above appeared on my Facebook page. A friend had liked and shared it. It carries the following comment under it. (By the OP not my friend.)

Click SHARE if you have no sympathy for the greed of the NHL and it's players.

When I saw it there were 3714 likes and 8530 shares.

The only problem with it is ... it misrepresenting thing. First, the players didn't go on strike. They were locked out. There is a difference. Then you have the photo of the hockey player the OP used. It isn't even of a "striking" player crying because he is locked out. It is of Todd Bertuzzi attempting to show remorse for his goon like behavours a few years back when he destroyed Steve Moore Oh yeah, and in Canada at least, a soldier makes more than $20,000 a year A private starts at around $29,000 a year. (Yes, it doesn't compare to hockey players but it is still a misrepresentation in the post.)

If you want to compare their salaries with soldiers and show they are crybabies fine. But at least be truthful. It should be easy to find recent pics that would make the players AND NHL look unsympathetic. It isn't that hard to make an argument about how pro sports players are over paid, let alone the money the leagues make. It isn't hard to find out how much a soldier actually makes. As BB says below, do your homework. A little research goes a long way and helps your credibility.

When someone pointed it out (An act of futility when people post something like this. They really don't want to hear from anyone who disagrees.)

BB "I see the point but it's lost a bit with the Bertuzzi picture. If you want to send a message do your homework."

The knives and stupidity came out.

DS-D No, it's not lost at all. I don't follow sports at all and have no idea who the sportsman is, but I do know they're not worth what they get paid for playing a fucking GAME. Get a real job doing something worthwhile that betters humanity and EARN that money. I say leave the greedy bastards on the streets and fuck the NHL and their selfish players.

CL I don't need to do homework to know what that cry baby got payed!! Grow up baby!

Reality is not a friend to many people. Twisting things to suit your narrative still doesn't make you right. The tards could have used a different photo and not misrepresented the image and gotten their point across. Ok, maybe they couldn't. They are tards.


  1. I get chain letters and forwards all the time. I have taken to pointing out the fallacies and erroneous statements of these wastes of my time, but not only do they keep coming, but they have led to one of my "friends" un-friending me.
    It's like the garbage that circulates in the oceans of the world. It just keeps coming back.

  2. I expected a Batman quote about a bad penny always turning up. ;)