Friday, June 24, 2011

Shit Morons Say ... about young adults.

"He's just a kid!"

"He's just a child!"

I read this one on Facebook. The morons who said it were talking about 17 year old Nathan Kotylak. He became infamous for being id'd as one of the rioters in Vancouver with pictures of him trying to light a police car on fire splashed all over the internet.

17 is NOT a kid nor a child. At 17 you are SUPPOSED to be a young adult. By the time you are 17 you should know that rioting is wrong. If not your parents REALLY failed you. Hell, at 10 I knew that was wrong and at 10 you REALLY are a kid. At 5 I probably knew enough to know that setting something on fire was wrong and at 5 you ARE a child.

I find that it is more of an excuse for bad behaviour than anything else. It is used to try and explain away someones stupid actions. I remember hearing it used earlier this year when one moron was talking about one of the idiots who burned a cross and shouted racial slurs in Nova Scotia. The "kid" in question this time was in his early twenties!!! 17 is closer to being a kid than 22 but really neither are kids. they are people who should have known better.

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