Friday, June 17, 2011

What the ...prognostication?!?!?!?

I decided to check the weather report before heading out for my morning walk. I knew what it looked like through the window but I was interested in what the weatherman (woman) had to say. After seeing what they said for Dartmouth on CBC Newsworld I had to switch to the weather channel and see what they said. They confirmed what CBC said.

According to both of them it was very foggy in Dartmouth (they said Dartmouth specifically) with limited visibility. The sun was expected to burn through in a few hours leaving a cloudy sky. Want to see what a very foggy day with limited visibility looks like?

I took these pictures about 5 minutes after seeing the weather reports.

How in the blue hell do weathermen keep their jobs? What is the stat I have heard, weather reports are wrong 70% of the time. I mean seriously, can't you just look out the window? Or if you are sitting in an office in another part of Canada get someone in the area you are talking about to LOOK OUT THE WINDOW? Kind of Les Nessman's I Witness Weather.

It amazes me that they can be THAT wrong about current weather yet expect us to have faith in their long range reports. I wonder if it is too late to be trained as a meteorologist so I too can get paid to be wrong.

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