Tuesday, June 28, 2011

War of 1812 (History Channel)

I just watched the part mini-series War of 1812 from the U.S. History Channel, as opposed to the Canadian one. It was disappointing.

Going by the show you would think that the war started when the British invaded the US. Also there were only 3 battles of note, 2 of them connected. The sacking and burning of Washington and the subsequent battle of Baltimore. Lastly, the Battle of Baltimore, which took place after the peace treaty was signed. I expected the series to be US-centric but it not as bad as it was.

If you REALLY want to learn about the War of 1812, in all its glory as well as stupidity, I would suggest reading Pierre Burton's 2 book series on it. It is well written, researched, and shows both sides fairly.


  1. I agree with your comments completely. Berton's books were excellent; the kind of stuff I wish I could write.
    BTW, I think you meant that last battle (the one fought after the peace was signed) was fought in New Orleans, not Baltimore.

  2. Yeah, must have had a brain fart there, Battle of New Orleans.

  3. civil war was best only americans died

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