Saturday, June 4, 2011

Don't you hate it when ...

Don't you hate it when people with bad memories try telling you things that happened, especially involving you, and swear black and blue that it happened. They will get defensive and say they are right and you are wrong. It drives me crazy sometimes.

My mother has a habit of doing that. She forgot one of my sisters sent her a gift card for Christmas when asked about it by her a month ago. That caused a bit of a problem between two of my sisters. Another sister gave the card to mom for her ... and the 1st was now being told it was never given. In actuality, it had been given. Mom forgot. The next day she was trying to tell me who I saw in concert in '88 and was wrong. Of course she wouldn't give. She had to be right and me wrong.

Hilda used to be bad for shit like that too. She would prattle on about how great her memory was. Yet, too many times, she forgot plans she had made.

Spock has a horrible memory but he knows that and doesn't try to kvetch about it. Me? I like to think I have a good memory but I am also willing to admit I can make mistakes.

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