Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shit People Say ... that I don't care about.

Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

That was the last line of an email sent to me from a friend. Maybe I woke up cranky. Maybe it is just because I haven't finished my 1st cup of coffee. Regardless, who the fuck cares where an email was sent from and over what network?

Ok, if he went on a surprise vacation to an exotic locale that might be different. If it was 'Sent from my coconut phone atop an elephant in Thalaind." THEN it might be interesting to inform people about.

I know people often have stupid tag lines, or sig files, or whatever they call them now. It just seems like the height of stupidity to have to announce how you sent an email and the service provider you use. Or pretentious. Who the fuck cares?

Should I end every email with "Sent from my Laptop on the Eastlink Network." with every email? Of course not! It would be stupid. So now, every email I get from this friend, will tell me the same stupid turd of information. And I still won't care.


  1. It sounds like it's just an automatic line that shows up in certain email providers; I don't think it's something that he's inserted in his email as a signature line. My kid's email always says "Sent from my Blackberry..." or some such thing. Yeah, as if I give a shit. I can't even afford a Blackberry and my kid is waving hers in my face?!? It seems kind of pretentious, but I don't think the senders even realize it's attached to their emails.

  2. Heh ... I had thought of that Daantaat. This friend is the kind of person that likes to put their alphabet soup at the end of their name, and sometimes add Esquire as well. Pretentious pretty much sums it up. :) But in this case, maybe it was the system doing it and not him. I will have to ask him tomorrow, and rib him a bit.