Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What the ... salesmanship?!?!

I am at the airport early to pick Stig up. It is 5:40 AM. A body needs coffee. I go to the Tim Horton's and order a large with a shot of espresso. That is when things got a little weird.

The woman at the counter says "I find the espresso doesn't work."

Seriously? Was she trying to suggest I DON'T buy it? I know she was trying to make small talk but one would think that she wouldn't want to lose a sale or make a lesser one. Which is what would have happened if, based on her comment, I changed my mind and got one with the shot.

My reply was "Well, I like the taste." And I left it at that.

It reminded me of what happened when I went to get some film developed at Shopper's Drug Mart in August. I dropped off 3 rolls of film. The clerk then started lecturing me on how I should invest in a digital camera and stop using film. What, they don't want my business?

I told the guy while I appreciated his concern I like using 35mm film for some shots. I happen to own a digital camera and use it when I want to. Not when someone suggests it. Then I said "If you don't want me bringing film in to develop just say so. I can always go elsewhere."

His reply was to stutter a bit and say "No. We want your business. I was just suggesting it would be cheaper."

I replied "Thanks for worrying about my money for me. If the price was an object I wouldn't be using the film."

He dropped it at that point. As did I.

Really though, are these people trying to talk people out of being customers? Or out of a sale? Or into a lesser sale that they aren't looking for? It is one thing to offer friendly advice. It is another to try and talk someone out of a sale.

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