Monday, November 5, 2012

Some More Motormouth

You are walking down the hallway at the same time Motormouth is. He sees someone 30 or maybe even 40 feet away and at the top of his lungs shouts "Hi Buddy! How are you doing today buddy?"

They respond in a normal voice "Hi. Good."

Motormouth shouts back "So how are you are doing today? Good?"

They ignore him and keep walking.

He encounters someone entering the hallway about 6 feet away from him. He shouts " Hi John Lancaster! How is John doing today?"

John politely replies "Hi Motormouth." and continues on his way.

Thus started my day at work. Such is life when working around Motormouth. Everyday.


  1. His real name isn't Homer Simpson, is it?
    Or Peter Griffin?

  2. Nope. :)

    There are two schools of thought about him. He is either a comedic genius who knows what he is doing and is getting away with it. Or he is a fucktard. My money is on the latter.