Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What the ... democratic election?!?!?

I am watching CBC Newsworld and they are all agog over the "democratic" election of the  new "leader" of China. Democratic? Really? They really believe this is some sort of democratic election? Yes, Peoples Candidate #1 running against ... no one ... is being elected in a landslide. What a great show of democracy in action.

Jesus H. Christ. They have the obligatory Asian (Maybe even actually Chinese) "reporter" yammering on about the impending election of candidate #1.

Get over it, no matter how much you want to gloss shit over, China is NOT a democracy. No matter how hard you try having a congress of despots choose one of their own to be the new "democratic" leader does not REALLY make China a democracy.

Who they fuck are they trying to fool? The Chinese, us. or themselves?

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  1. and Peter Mansbridge referred to the "winner" as a "carefully" chosen leader. WTF?!?!?