Sunday, November 18, 2012

Motormouth motors on.

One day on the drop we (Sarge, Donny, and myself) started talking about a shooting that took place the night before. Sarge mentioned he lived just outside 'The Hood', which he does, and heard of a few that happened there.

I mentioned that I had heard a street was renamed because of a shooting. Sarge told me about what happened. A drive by shooting on Churchill Drive left a little girl, Roleika, dead. The street was renamed after her.

Motormouth felt he had to chime in. He started going on about the shooting and how it happened on Montebello Road. Sarge corrected him. It happened on Churchill.

No no no. Motormouth knows all or at least thinks he does. Most people when faced with reality would admit defeat. Not Motormouth. He just keeps digging. (Reminds me of some internet fucktards.)

Sarge ened up saying "You really know nothing MM. It happened on CHURCHILL drive. CHURCHILL was renamed ROLEIKA to honour the dead girl. If it happened on Montebello why the fuck would they rename Churchill?"

Motormouth still hemmed and hawed a bit. Tried some backpedaling. Then one of the deaf guys told him to shut the fuck up and work.

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