Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mook of the Week

You just can't escape mooks. Just when it looks like none are around one will rear their ugly head and fuck you around in some way. This morning is a good example.

When you get up at 3 or 5 AM for work 6 AM is sleeping in. What better way to start your weekend, Monday is my Friday, than a sunrise walk in the park with your dog? Grizz and I got there at 7 Am and there was NO ONE there. It was beautiful. The sunrise, walk, and the fact no one was there.

Of course, I should have known that wouldn't last. As we started down the main hill what happens? 2 Golden Retrievers start charging out of the brush. No human in sight. They weren't coming our way, yet, and were about 50 feet away. I made Grizzly sit and waited hoping the dogs would keep going.

No such luck. When the mook who brought them appeared she thought it was funny. One of the dogs noticed her looking our way and laughing. So it decided to start charging our way. That set Grizzly off. I told the mook to get her dog under control.

What did she reply? One of the standard dog mook comments. "Its ok. My dog is friendly."

I gave my standard reply to that. "Mine isn't. Get yours under control."

The bitch laughed and said she didn't have a leash. She did start calling the dog, which ignored her. At this point Grizzly was ready to throw down. Her dog stopped about 10 feet away then ran off. Smart dog. Stupid fucking owner.

I yelled at her "You loopy fucking cunt. You bring two dogs out to an ON LEASH park and don't even bring a leash. Fuck you are a moron." She muttered something and went off after the dogs. The dogs were almost out of sight at that point.

Her SUV was parked beside my car. I suppose she had no choice to park there considering how full the lot was with only my car there.

If you see a red Highlander with the plate DSW 424 beware it is being driven by a cunning stunt and mook of the Nth degree.

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