Monday, November 5, 2012

Mook of the Week

The Mook of the Week is a no brainer. (It is late though. I meant to post this a couple of days after the Bustard post.)

Shadia Lane aka the Cleveland Bustard.

She got into an argument with a bus driver. She hadn't put any money in and claimed she was still looking for it. The bus driver figured she didn't have it. Insanity ensued. While the bus was moving she physically attacked the driver. She pushed him a couple of times and at one point may have gone for his neck. WHILE THE BUS WAS MOVING. Finally, having had enough, the driver stopped the bus, got up, and gave her an uppercut that dropped her like a sack of flour. Then he threw her off the bus. She got up and went back into the bus to continue fighting him.

Now she is going to try and milk her stupidity for all she can. Odds are a lawsuit against the driver and the transit authority is in the future. It doesn't matter that she endangered the lives of everyone on the bus by attacking the driver while the bus was moving. She is the victim. At least in her world.

What a fucking mook.

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