Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mook of the Week

One of the reasons why Mook of the Week hasn't been around much is because I usually encounter them while driving and I don't take pictures while driving. Which brings me to my latest entry.

Stig was visiting for five days. We had a great time sadly it had to end and a Mook had to rear his ugly head.

We were driving to the airport. It was a very clear morning. 5:30 Am. No precipitation on the ground or in the air. Light cloud. The speed limit is 100 KPH. The mook in the lead is going between 65 and 75 KPH. What the hell?!?!?

The guy behind him, we were the 2nd car behind the mook, was frustrated. You could see him using his high beams. The only passing area available until you joined with the highway to the airport was short and of course traffic was coming in that lane so there was no window of opportunity to use it. A line of traffic was forming behind us.

Maybe the driver has problems driving at night. Whether a medical condition (night vision problems) or just plain nervousness. Regardless the solution is simple. DON'T FUCKING DRIVE AT NIGHT! You wonder why people lose their nut and do stupid things while driving? Assholes like this mook.

If I had been in a hurry I would have been more pissed off than I was. Suffice it to say that when the opportunity arose to pass the idiot I took it, held the position beside him, laid on the horn, then Stig and I both let the fucktard know we thought he was #1.

As we reached the speed limit, now 110 KPH, the fucktard quickly vanished. A long stream of cars were pointing back to his location like a giant glowing fuck finger. There must have been 12-15 cars that were stuck behind this mook.

I can only hope he goes to the LA freeways and drives like this. Or gets enough sense to stay the fuck off the roads.

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