Saturday, August 6, 2011

EA Sports NHL 2004

As you know, I love hockey. I love playing hockey computer games too. When I had my PS2 the only thing I really played on it was hockey. EA Sports makes a great game but they don't make it for the PC anymore. :(

I play EHM Hockey Manager 2007. It is a great game. The detail is fantastic, especially when you use the mod fans have made for it to keep it up to date. The Blue Line is a GREAT fan site. They have some very dedicated people there who keep the game alive and vibrant.

Sometimes EHM can be a little too detailed and you want a game where you can just go in and sim being a player too. I bought NHL 2004 back in '05. I have owned other versions (older and newer) until EA Sports stopped making it for the PC. Something always made me come back to NHL 2004.

After battling a bout of boredom that was so intense it had me troll baiting for a diversion I decided to reload NHL 2004. Knowing there are mods out there I surfed the web and found a fantastic site where they have basically created a mod that remakes the game. Thanks to them I am not bored any more AND I am getting my off season hockey fix.

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